Maqetta is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation

Help and Support

If you need help or support in using Maqetta, here are some ways to look for solutions to your problem:

  • User docs - The Maqetta application ships with an initial set of user documentation.
  • Maqetta YouTube channel - The Maqetta team has posted some introductory videos on YouTube.
  • How-to articles - The Maqetta team has posted some how-to articles, mostly on advanced topics.
  • maqetta-users group archives - Other users might have had the same problem.
  • Issue Tracker - You might have encountered a known bug with the software.

To ask for help from others:

  • post a message on the maqetta-users group - You can send a message to the maqetta-users forum at Google Groups. Be sure to provide detailed information about the problem you are having and/or the task you are trying to complete. Other users and Maqetta open source project team will see your post and you will probably get a response from one of them. To improve your chances of getting a successful response, provide exact steps that caused a problem, what type of computer you have (Mac, PC, …) and which browser (and version) you are using (e.g., Firefox4, Chrome11).

If you notice a security issue with the site, please send an email that reports the security problem to: