Maqetta is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation

Maqetta Announces Release of Preview 6

The Maqetta team is pleased to announce the Preview 6 release on

Here is a summary of new features:

Visual editor improvements:

  • Selection chrome has new look (and revised behavior)
  • Ability to drag a widget by mouse-down on interior
  • Elastic band select
  • Alt-key or Option-key to copy a widget with drag operation
  • Select parent, Select ancestor, Unselect all (on context menu)
  • Move to front, move to back, move forward, move backward (absolutely positioned widgets - on context menu)

Mobile UI sketching:

  • Mobile device silhouettes as clip art :iPhone, iPad, Android_340x480, Android_480x800, AndroidTablet, Blackberry phone
  • Countless fixes so that Dojo Mobile widgets can be used in sketch mode
  • New mobile sketching tutorial.

GridX support, with creation wizard that allows for column control

  • GridX replaces DataGrid

Properties palette improvements:

  • ‘moveTo’ properties provide drop-downs of current mobile views
  • ‘class’ attribute provides drop-down list of currently used classes
  • ‘class’ and ‘id’ ‘fields on separate lines, and are stretchable

Drawing tool improvements:

  • revised collection of line/arrow widgets (Line, Arrow, Polyline, Polyline Arrow)
  • ability to drag out initial size and direction for lines and arrows
  • multiple-click create of polylines

Mobile UI improvements:

  • Mobile silhouette orientation now persists
  • moveTo property now lists existing mobile view ids
  • You can now drag and drop widgets into ListItems
  • IconContainer now has a easier to use editing tool

Limited PHP file support - Maqetta page editor allows PHP constructs (and generally just ignores them) inside the HTML files. See release notes for details.

CSV data file support - previous versions only support JSON data

Many bug fixes

Migration of User Workspaces - if you run on, your projects should be migrated automatically. See release notes for details.