Maqetta is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation

Hosted Version of the Maqetta Application

The Maqetta project currently offers public web hosting of the application that the community can use for free, under the project’s Terms of Use.

The main goals with the web hosted version of the application is to lower barriers to adoption and promote community involvement and feedback. It is not a goal to offer commercial-grade web hosting. Companies and users always have the option of downloading the open source and installing the application on an alternate web server.

This public web hosting option is available on an as-is basis with no guarantees about suitability, reliability, performance, security, data preservation, or anything else. While the Maqetta project will try to keep the application running on a continuous basis and preserve user data, the web-hosted application might become unavailable at any time, temporarily or permanently, and your data might be deleted without notice.

It is likely that there will be various problems with the public web hosting of the Maqetta application. The team plans on improving the hosted application over the course of time, but this is not a commercial offering and there are absolutely no guarantees.

The Maqetta team will periodically, and sometimes without notice, update the publicly hosted version of the Maqetta application to the latest code. While the project team typically tries to preserve backwards compatibility with existing user files, the application updates may or may not be compatible with your old files.

While the Maqetta team in general strives to preserve user data, it is likely that older, inactive user accounts will be removed periodically from the server. One possible approach is that with each milestone release of the software (e.g., release N) any accounts that have been inactive since the previous release (N-1) will be removed. With this model, if milestone release N happened two months after milestone release N-1, then any accounts that were inactive in the two months between releases N-1 and N would be removed from the server.

At any time, and potentially without notice, the public web hosting of the application might be terminated or have restricted access.